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Mariners trade Cishek to the Rays

The Seattle Mariners exchanged relief pitchers with the Tampa Bay Rays as the Mariners sent Steve Cishek to the Rays for Erasmo Ramirez.


Mariners analysis/grade:

The Seattle Mariners really didn’t have much of a need for Steve Cishek anymore after the team recently acquired setup man David Phelps from the Marlins. Cishek is still a very good relief pitcher, but the Mariners didn’t have a big role for him this season. Meanwhile, Erasmo Ramirez provides the Mariners with some more versatility since he can be used as a starting pitcher or he can be used as a middle relief pitcher. The Mariners will probably use Ramirez as a starting pitcher to begin, but if that doesn’t work out then they could just move him to the bullpen. Ramirez hasn’t been very good this season as he has a 4.80 ERA, but maybe he will pitch better for the Mariners. Ramirez fits in well with Seattle, although I’m just not sure if he makes Seattle any better. In fact, they might be worse off as a result of this trade since Cishek was a very productive player for the Mariners and Ramirez has had a bad season in 2017. I see why the Mariners made this trade, but this trade probably won’t make them any better.

Grade: C-


Rays analysis/grade:

This trade makes a lot of sense for the Rays since they had a big need for late-inning bullpen help and Cishek is certainly a very good option in the 7th or 8th inning. Cishek has been a closer for most of his career and he did a very good job of it as he has 121 career saves and an impressive 2.81 career ERA. Cishek has been good for the Mariners this season as well since he had a 3.15 ERA for Seattle in 23 appearances. The Rays also didn’t give up much in return for Cishek as they dealt Erasmo Ramirez who had struggled with a 4.80 ERA for the team anyway. Tampa Bay didn’t have a role for Ramirez anyway since they have tons of starting pitching depth and their bullpen is really deep right now as well with the addition of Cishek. The only downside of this trade for the Rays is that they are only getting Cishek as a rental player since he is going to be a free agent after this season. However, this is a trade that makes the Rays bullpen stronger at least for the rest of this season.

Grade: B

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Reaction: Cishek traded to the Cardinals

The Cardinals have acquired some more bullpen help as right-handed relief pitcher Steve Cishek was dealt from Miami to St. Louis in exchange for minor league pitcher Kyle Barraclough. Cishek was one of the most reliable closers in the game with the Marlins last year, but he has had more problems with consistency this season as he lost his 9th inning role early in the season. St. Louis is basically betting that Cishek can return to the player that he was the past few years and their bullpen is already good, so it is a little bit of a strange trade for the Cardinals. This trade could be good for St. Louis if Cishek performs well, but it is a little risky of a trade for the Cardinals. However, the good news for St. Louis is that they’re not giving up much to get Cishek which makes this trade a little bit better. Meanwhile, it was clear the Marlins wanted to move on from Cishek since he was no longer the team’s closer. I would have liked to see the Marlins keep Cishek despite his struggles this season because he has been one of the most consistent closers in the MLB the last few years and bullpen help is hard to find these days. Kyle Barraclough wasn’t a top prospect for the Cardinals and he has had major control issues in the minor leagues this season which is slowing his development. The Marlins will be hoping that he can figure things out and maybe contribute at the MLB level someday. It isn’t very encouraging that Barraclough is 25 years old and he hasn’t even been to triple-A yet.

Cardinals Grade: C+ – This is a strange trade for the Cardinals because their bullpen was already very good and Cishek has had his struggles this season with a 4.50 ERA. At least the Cardinals aren’t giving up much for him, but I think this is just a wasted trade.

Marlins Grade: C – I don’t like this trade for the Marlins either because the Marlins didn’t get enough for Cishek. I highly doubt that Barraclough will be at the major league level anytime soon and it probably would have been more worth it for Miami to hold on to him since late-inning bullpen help is hard to find these days.

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