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Machado traded to the Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers made a huge trade just prior to the 2nd half of the season as they acquired star 3rd baseman Manny Machado from the Orioles in exchange for minor league prospects Yusniel Diaz, Rylan Bannon, Dean Kremer, Zach Pop, and Breyvic Valera.


Dodgers Grade/Analysis:

This trade just shows that the Dodgers are all-in for the 2018 season as they are paying a hefty price to acquire an elite player for what will likely be just a few months. Los Angeles had a big need at shortstop after they lost Corey Seager to injury early on in the season. Also, 3rd baseman Justin Turner has missed a big chunk of the season as he has dealt with injuries. The good news is that Machado can play either 3rd base or shortstop and he gives the Dodgers a huge threat in their lineup. Machado is having possibly the best year of his entire career as he batted .315 with 24 home runs and 65 RBI’s for the Orioles. There is no doubt that Machado makes the Dodgers a much more dangerous team in the short-term. However, this is an extremely risky trade since they are giving up 5 young prospects just to try and win a world series this season. The good news is that they didn’t give up their top prospect, but they still gave up several quality young prospects. It is unlikely that Machado re-signs with the Dodgers after this season since they should have Corey Seager back from injury in 2019, yet Machado is a player that can help the team a lot in 2018. Overall, the Dodgers are a much better team this season, although they might look back in the future and regret this trade especially if they don’t accomplish their lofty goals in 2018.

Grade: B


Orioles Grade/Analysis:

Manny Machado was basically the lone bright spot in what has been an absolutely miserable 2018 season for the Baltimore Orioles. However, this was a trade that had to be made since Machado is a free agent after the season and the Orioles had basically no chance to re-sign him. Machado would have cost the Orioles too much and the team wouldn’t be in much of a position to be a competitive team the next few years. The Orioles are now showing that they are focusing on the future by acquiring 5 young prospects for Machado. It is unfortunate that the Orioles didn’t get the Dodgers top prospect, but they are still getting some quality young players. The headliner of this deal from Baltimore’s perspective is clearly outfield prospect Yusniel Diaz. He now becomes the 2nd best prospect in the Orioles farm system according to MLB.com and he is ranked as the number 84 prospect in the entire MLB. Diaz is a terrific contact hitter as proven by his .314 batting average for the Dodgers Double-A team. He does have some good power as proven in the All-Star Futures Game when he hit 2 home runs. However, he hasn’t really shown much power in the minor leagues as he only has six home runs this year. Diaz is still likely a couple of years away from reaching the majors, yet he has the highest potential of any player that Baltimore received in this deal. The next best prospect that the Orioles received in this deal was right-handed pitcher Dean Kremer who now becomes the Orioles 13th best prospect according to MLB.com. Kremer is 22 years old, yet he still has quite a bit of time before reaching the majors. Kremer has been terrific in the minor leagues this year as he was 5-3 with a 3.30 ERA in High-A before recently being promoted to Double-A in the Dodgers system. Kremer has the potential to be a good 3rd or 4th starting pitcher in the Orioles rotation in a few years. Meanwhile, the Orioles acquired yet another promising player with 3rd baseman Rylan Bannon as he now becomes the Orioles 17th ranked prospect. Bannon is a rising prospect that really showcased his outstanding power this season. He has hit 20 home runs to go along with a .296 average at High-A in the Dodgers minor league system. Bannon also is a good defensive player, so if he can keep up this type of offensive production then he could be a starter at the MLB level one day. The other prospect that Baltimore received is right-handed pitcher Zach Pop who now ranks as the 29th prospect for the Orioles according to MLB.com. Pop has had a terrific season at the Single-A level for the Dodgers as he had a very impressive 1.04 ERA. He figures to be promoted to Double-A by the Orioles and it is possible we could see him in the majors in 2020 or even sooner if he continues at his current pace. Pop is a terrific strikeout pitcher and he has the potential to be a good late-inning relief pitcher at some point. Finally, the Orioles received infielder Breyvic Valera as another player in the Machado trade. Valera has the lowest potential of any player in this deal, but he is also the most MLB-ready player. Valera has already appeared in 20 games for the Dodgers this season, although he is only hitting .172 with 4 RBI’s. Valera figures to spend most of his time in Triple-A with the Orioles. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him at the MLB level this season especially with the Orioles needing some short-term infield depth after the trade of Machado. Valera is a good contact hitter and he has the ability to play almost every position. However, he is likely going to be nothing more than a bench player and utility option for the Orioles. Overall, it is unfortunate that the Orioles had to give up on Machado so soon considering he was their franchise cornerstone. However, the Orioles did receive a few quality prospects that can help the team as they rebuild for the future.

Grade: B+


Best trade asset for each potential seller teams at the MLB trade deadline

Baltimore Orioles – Manny Machado – Shortstop

This one is really easy because Machado is by far the best player on the Orioles and he is also the most likely player to be traded since his contract expires after this season. Machado is still really young as he is only about to turn 26 years old and that means it will take a huge haul to acquire Machado from the Orioles. It is somewhat unlikely that the Orioles will be able to re-sign Machado since it would take a huge contract offer to be able to do so. However, the Orioles could get some elite prospects in return if they do decide to trade Machado before the deadline.

Chicago White Sox – Jose Abreu – 1st baseman

Jose Abreu is by far the best available trade bait that the White Sox have as he is one of the players at 1st base in the MLB. However, the question will be whether the White Sox are in a rush to trade him. He is under contract through the 2019 season, so theoretically the White Sox could stay patient and wait for the right deal to take place. Abreu is 31 years old and doesn’t appear to be too much part of the White Sox future. However, the White Sox might not trade him at the deadline since they really have until the 2019 trade deadline to make a decision.

Cincinnati Reds – Raisel Iglesias – Relief Pitcher

Raisel Iglesias has quietly become one of the top closers in the entire MLB and there aren’t many closers available via trade this season. There will certainly be many contending teams that acquire about Iglesias, but the Reds do have the ability to wait for the right deal to come around. Iglesias is under contract through the 2020 season and he is only due $5 million each season, so the Reds don’t have to rush to trade him. Iglesias might not get traded very soon because the asking price will probably be too steep for many teams. However, if a team offers some top prospects then that could be enough to get a deal done.

Detroit Tigers – Nick Castellanos – Right Fielder

The Tigers have a couple of pieces that are more likely to be traded like Francisco Liriano and Matthew Boyd. However, the player that could get the most in return is probably right fielder Nick Castellanos. He is under contract at a cheap price through the 2020 season which means the Tigers could decide to keep him. Also, he is only 26 years old, so he could still be a key part of their future when the team can contend again. The Tigers need to decide soon whether Castellanos is going to be a key part of their future or if he is a player that they can trade while his value is still high. Castellanos could be traded soon, but in all likelihood it will come at a later point.

Kansas City Royals – Mike Moustakas – 3rd Baseman

Mike Moustakas is one of the few reliable players in the Royals lineup, but the problem is that Moustakas is going to be a free agent once again after this season. Kansas City almost lost Moustakas in free agency for nothing this past offseason before he decided to re-sign on a relatively cheap deal. There is no doubt that Moustakas could help a playoff contender this season, but the problem is there isn’t much of a market for starting 3rd basemen right now. The Royals probably wouldn’t get a top prospect in return especially since Moustakas will probably just be a rental player for a playoff team. However, it would be shocking if the Royals don’t trade him by the deadline since they will likely lose him for nothing if they don’t.

Miami Marlins – J.T. Realmuto – Catcher

It is really tough to find all-star caliber catchers available for trade and the Marlins are very fortunate to have one that they are willing to trade. J.T. Realmuto is one of the top catchers in the MLB and he is arguably the best offensive catcher in the MLB. There are plenty of MLB teams that have a bad need for a catcher and Realmuto would be a major upgrade for many teams at that position. He is still under team control through the 2020 season, so the Marlins don’t have to rush to trade him this season. If they decide to trade him, then they could get some really good prospects in return since there is a shortage of really good catchers in the MLB. The Marlins should just wait for the right deal, but don’t be surprised if they charge a steep price for Realmuto.

New York Mets – Jacob DeGrom – Starting Pitcher

Jacob DeGrom is one of the elite starting pitchers in the MLB and he is still under team control at a cheap price through the 2020 season. The Mets could very well decide to keep him as he is an extremely valuable piece of their team. However, DeGrom’s value is probably as high as it will ever be and the Mets could get at least two elite prospects in return for him. It is unlikely that New York will trade him before the deadline unless the team receives an offer that blows them away. However, it would make sense for the Mets to trade him soon in order to replenish their farm system.

Oakland Athletics – Jed Lowrie – 2nd Baseman

Perhaps no player has had their trade value increase this season more than Oakland 2nd baseman Jed Lowrie. He has always been an above average player, but this season he has taken his game to an all-star caliber level. Also, he probably isn’t part of the Athletics future since he is 34 years old. The Athletics would be very wise to trade him before the deadline while his value is still high especially since Oakland might lose him for nothing after this season in free agency. The Athletics could probably get a top prospect in return for Lowrie, but that might not be the case since he will likely just be a rental for a playoff contender.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Josh Harrison – 2nd Baseman

It is kind of surprising that the Pirates haven’t traded Harrison by now considering that rumors have been swirling around him for awhile. Harrison is still under two more years of team control, but the question is whether the Pirates really want to keep him around for that long. Harrison probably won’t bring back too big of a haul, but he is still valuable considering that he can play several positions as a utility player. The Pirates could stay patient and wait for the right trade, although it seems as if Pittsburgh is willing to trade him very soon.

San Diego Padres – Brad Hand – Relief Pitcher

Not many teams even wanted to sign Brad Hand not too long ago as he was claimed off of waivers by the Padres just two years ago. However, San Diego has completely revived Hand’s career and now he has become one of the best closers in the MLB. Hand is under contract with the Padres through the 2021 season, so the team is in absolutely no rush to trade him. It would likely take a big trade package consisting of top prospects for the Padres to even consider trading Hand. However, there is no questioning that there will be many teams interested in acquiring Hand since there aren’t many elite closers available on the trade market.

Tampa Bay Rays – Wilson Ramos – Catcher

Wilson Ramos has become an all-star level catcher in the MLB as he provides rare offensive abilities for someone of his position. However, the Rays will likely have to trade him away before the deadline considering that he is a free agent after this season. The Rays also appear to like Jesus Sucre to replace Ramos as their catcher of the future, so it appears that a trade involving Ramos could be imminent. The good news is that several teams have a major need for a good starting catcher and it helps that Ramos is basically an all-star player at that position. Tampa Bay does lose some value since Ramos is likely going to be just a rental for a playoff contender, yet they could still get some good prospects in return.

Texas Rangers – Adrian Beltre – 3rd Baseman

Adrian Beltre is really old at 39 years old, yet he continues to play at a really high level despite his age. Beltre is going to be a free agent after this season and it is sort of unlikely that Texas is willing to re-sign him considering his age. However, Beltre still has some good trade value and the Rangers could get a couple of solid prospects back in return.

Toronto Blue Jays – J.A. Happ – Starting Pitcher

It would be kind of shocking if the Blue Jays don’t trade away Happ before the deadline since he is 35 years old and he is scheduled to be a free agent after the season. The good news is that there are plenty of teams that are already reportedly interested in Happ. He has had a terrific 2018 season and he could provide some solid depth to basically any playoff contender’s starting rotation. He is likely just a rental player for a contender and that will likely diminish his trade value, yet the Blue Jays could still get a lot in return for him.