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Phillies trade Hellickson to the Orioles

The Philadelphia Phillies continued their lengthy rebuild just before the trade deadline as they sent starting pitcher Jeremy Hellickson to the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for outfielder Hyun Soo Kim and minor league pitcher Garrett Cleavinger.


Philadelphia Phillies analysis/grade:

Jeremy Hellickson had really hurt his trade value this season with the Phillies as he had a 4.73 ERA for the team. However, Hellickson was set to be a free agent after this season so the Phillies had to get at least something in return for him. The most notable player that the Phillies received in this trade is Hyun Soo Kim who has been a backup outfielder for the Orioles. Soo Kim had a good 2016 season for Baltimore as he hit .302 with 6 home runs in his first major league season. However, Soo Kim has struggled this season as he is hitting only .233 with 1 home run in limited playing time. Soo Kim is a free agent after the season, so he is likely just a temporary solution for the Phillies in the outfield. He should get a lot more playing time the rest of this season with the Phillies than he did in Baltimore since Philadelphia is not competing for a playoff spot. The Phillies also received 23-year old minor league relief pitcher Garrett Cleavinger in this trade. Cleavinger was a 3rd round pick in 2015 by the Orioles, so he clearly has the potential to be a major league player. However, Cleavinger is having a terrible season in 2017 as he has a 6.28 ERA in Double-A. Cleavinger is still an intriguing prospect and if he can return to the type of player that he was in 2015 and 2016 then he could be a good bullpen piece for the Phillies. Overall, the Phillies didn’t get much in return for Hellickson, but this trade was definitely worth it since he was probably going to leave in free agency anyway.

Grade: B


Baltimore Orioles analysis/grade:

The Baltimore Orioles have struggled to find quality starting pitchers for years and they especially don’t have much depth in their rotation right now. However, the addition of Hellickson should at least add some starting pitcher depth for the Orioles this season. If Hellickson can pitch like he did in 2016 or like he did early on in his career, then he could make a big difference for Baltimore. However, Hellickson is very inconsistent and he hasn’t had a good 2017 season as he currently has a 4.73 ERA. The Orioles still have very slim playoff hopes this season, but this isn’t the type of trade that will get them there. Hellickson is only a rental player for the Orioles since he is a free agent after the season which is why it is strange that the Orioles traded for him since Baltimore doesn’t have much of a chance at the playoffs this season. The Orioles didn’t give up much to acquire Hellickson and maybe they can re-sign him this offseason, but this is a trade that won’t make much of a positive impact for Baltimore.

Grade: C-

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Jeremy Hellickson returns to the Phillies on a 1-year deal

The free agent starting pitching market was extremely weak heading into this offseason and it just got weaker on Monday as Jeremy Hellickson accepted the 1-year/$17.2 million qualifying offer to re-sign with the Phillies. This was a little bit of a surprise for Hellickson since he could have gotten a multi-year deal and maybe more money with another team. However, a team that signed him would have had to give up a 2nd round draft pick in the MLB draft which makes teams a lot more hesitant to sign a player with a qualifying offer attached to him. It made sense for the Phillies to extend him a qualifying offer since there isn’t a better option in free agency and Philadelphia wouldn’t be willing to part with a quality prospect to trade for a starter either. Hellickson provides Philadelphia with a solid veteran presence at the top of Philadelphia’s rotation which is really key with the Phillies still being in a rebuild mode. Hellickson has had a couple of bad seasons throughout his career already, so that does cause some concern as to whether he can build on the productive season that he had in 2016. It makes sense for Hellickson to accept the qualifying offer and see if he can build up his value even more for free agency in 2017. This is a good move for the Phillies and Hellickson to reunite for the 2017 season after he had a 12-10 record with a 3.71 ERA last year. However, it will be interesting to see if he reverts back to the poor pitcher that he was with Tampa Bay and Arizona from 2013-2015. Philadelphia can handle this deal financially since they likely won’t make another big move in free agency, so even though they are paying Hellickson a lot it doesn’t mean that they will have a high payroll next season. Overall, it’s a good deal for the Phillies to bring him back, but his lack of consistency is a cause for concern.

Grade: B-