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Twins trade Garcia to the Yankees

Starting Pitcher Jaime Garcia only made one start for the Twins and now he is being traded once again as Minnesota traded him to the New York Yankees in exchange for minor league pitching prospects Dietrich Enns and Zack Littell.


Twins analysis/grade:

The Minnesota Twins just gave a prospect in order to acquire Jaime Garcia from the Braves and he looked good in his one start against the Athletics. However, Garcia didn’t last long with the Twins as the team just traded him to the Yankees after only acquiring him a few days earlier. Minnesota is certainly getting a couple of really good pitching prospects in return for Garcia. Dietrich Enns is definitely the closest of the two prospects to reaching the major leagues. Enns is currently pitching at Triple-A mostly as a starting pitcher where he has been very good as he has a 1.99 ERA this season. Enns isn’t a hard-thrower, but he has outstanding pitch control which is why he is on the verge of making his MLB debut. He has a 1.87 career ERA in 6 minor league seasons which is amazing considering that he was a 19th round pick of the Yankees in 2012. Enns might be a good bullpen option for the Twins and it is possible that he could make his MLB debut this season. Minnesota also acquired 21-year old right-handed starting pitcher Zack Littell in this trade. Littell has had a very impressive 2017 season as he is 14-1 with a 1.93 ERA in High-A and he has a very good 3.24 career ERA in 5 minor league seasons. Littell can throw mid-90’s with his fastball and his recent success can be attributed to an improved changeup and curveball. If Littell continues pitching very well like he has this season then he could make it to the majors in a few years and he could be good starting rotation depth for the Twins. It is strange that the Twins would trade away Jaime Garcia right after they had just acquired him. However, this was ultimately a good trade for the Twins as they are getting two very good minor league prospects to help them continue to build for the future.

Grade: B+


New York Yankees analysis/grade:

The New York Yankees are once again playoff contenders mostly because of their improved offense and a somewhat improved starting rotation. However, the Yankees needed some more starting pitching depth which is why they added Jaime Garica. He is having an average season in 2017 as he is 5-7 with a 4.29 ERA, but he will be a good 5th starter in the Yankees rotation. The Yankees could even move him into the bullpen if they decide that Jordan Montgomery would fit best in the 5th spot in their rotation. Garcia is not an elite starting pitcher, but he still improves the team by adding much more depth to their rotation. New York gave up two quality prospects in order to acquire Garcia and that is why this trade isn’t as good for the Yankees, but Garcia should help the Yankees even if it’s just for a couple of months.

Grade: C

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Twins acquire Jaime Garcia from the Braves

The Minnesota Twins added to their rotation depth on Monday as they acquired starting pitcher Jaime Garcia and catcher Anthony Recker in exchange for minor league starting pitcher Huascar Ynoa.


Twins analysis/grade:

Minnesota has amazingly stayed in the thick of the american league playoff race this season after having an awful 2016 season. However, the team’s pitching depth has been a major issue for Minnesota as they have lacked a good 3rd option in their rotation behind Ervin Santana and Jose Berrios. Jaime Garcia will provide much needed starting pitching depth for the remainder of the season for Minnesota as they look to remain competitive in the AL central and in the AL wild card race. Garcia is having a decent season as he had a 4.30 ERA for the Braves this season and the Twins are hoping that he can continue to stay consistent. The Twins also acquired catcher Anthony Recker in this trade and he will add some much needed catcher depth for Minnesota behind starting catcher Jason Castro. Recker will likely spend most of his time in Triple-A, but he could compete with Chris Gimenez for the backup catcher role with the Twins. There is no doubt Jaime Garcia makes Minnesota’s rotation better, although the Twins are still building towards the future and they should be acquiring prospects instead of selling them off. This is a decent trade for Minnesota since they are making their team more competitive, but giving up a talented young prospect just isn’t worth it.

Grade: C+


Braves analysis/grade:

The Braves are an improved team this season, but they are still not competing for a playoff spot this season which is why it made so much sense to trade away Jaime Garcia. He is set to be a free agent after the season and it wasn’t likely he would return to the Braves anyway, so it made sense to get a decent young prospect in exchange for him. Right-handed pitcher Huascar Ynoa was the 22nd ranked prospect in the Twins minor league system and he is only 19 years old which means he still has some more time to improve. Ynoa has a good fastball and an average changeup, but he just needs to control his pitches better. He has a 5.26 ERA in 6 starts this season in Minnesota’s minor league system. It certainly isn’t encouraging for him to be struggling that much in rookie ball, but it is still a small sample size and he still has time to improve. Ynoa is an intriguing prospect and if the Braves can develop him effectively then he could be a decent player one day. Jaime Garcia made the Braves rotation better, yet it wouldn’t have meant much to have him on their team since the Braves aren’t competing for a playoff spot and he will be a free agent this offseason. This is a good trade for the Braves, although it remains to be seen the type of player that Ynoa becomes in a few years.

Grade: B-

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Jaime Garcia traded to the Braves

The Atlanta Braves continued to add veteran starting pitchers this offseason as they acquired Jaime Garcia in a trade with the Cardinals on Thursday. Atlanta will send RHP John Gant, RHP Chris Ellis, and 2B Luke Dykstra to the Cardinals.

Braves evaluation:

This trade makes the Atlanta Braves rotation look very good especially compared to last year as they have 5 quality starting pitchers. Jaime Garcia didn’t have a very good season in 2016 with the Cardinals as he went 10-13 with a 4.67 ERA. However, Garcia has had a lot of success in the MLB as he is 62-45 overall with a 3.57 career ERA. There is no doubt that Garcia will improve the Braves rotation, but the question is if he will stay healthy. From 2013-2015 he only started a combined 36 games, so Atlanta relying on him to stay healthy is definitely risky. The Braves didn’t get rid of any top tier prospects in this trade, but for a Braves team trying to rebuild then it probably isn’t the best idea to get rid of even decent prospects. Garcia doesn’t make the Braves contenders, yet it does make Atlanta at least a respectable team as they enter their new ballpark for the 2017 season. Overall, this trade could be good if Garcia can prove that he can stay healthy, but that probably won’t happen. Garcia is a proven MLB pitcher, so we know that he can improve the Braves rotation just if he stays healthy. I’m not quite sure why the Braves gave up some prospects with some potential and this trade is just average for Atlanta until Garcia proves that he can stay healthy consistently.

Grade: C

Cardinals evaluation:

I really like this trade for the Cardinals as they have enough pitching depth right now that they can afford to trade away an unreliable pitcher in Jaime Garcia. He just couldn’t stay healthy with the Cardinals and it’s best for St. Louis to give an opportunity to young pitcher Alex Reyes. Meanwhile, the return for Garcia didn’t provide a top tier prospect, but they did receive 3 prospects with some decent potential. John Gant is a 24-year old right-handed pitcher that adds some depth to the Cardinals pitching staff. He is clearly the most MLB-ready player that St. Louis received in this deal, but he struggled with a 4.86 ERA in 20 games last season for Atlanta. Gant came up as a starting pitcher in the minor leagues, although he probably fits best in a long relief role in the Cardinals bullpen. However, he did have some control issues and he could end up starting next season in Triple-A in order to fix that. Chris Ellis is the player with the most potential in this trade for the Cardinals and he put up a solid 2.75 ERA in double-A last season. However, he had an awful 6.52 ERA in 15 starts at the Triple-A level. Ellis will certainly start next year in Triple-A until he can improve those stats enough to make it to the MLB. However, Ellis has decent potential and he could be a decent 5th starter in the Cardinals rotation at some point if he continues to develop. Luke Dykstra is more of a project to see what the Cardinals get out of him. He is only 21 years old, but he is still in Class A which shows that it will be awhile if he is ever an MLB player. Dykstra is a consistent hitter as he has a .300 career average in 3 seasons in the minor leagues and he has shown that he can drive in some runs as he had 41 RBI’s last season. However, the downside to Dykstra is that he is a terrible fielder as a 2nd baseman and he only has 2 home runs in 183 career minor league games. The batting average is intriguing, but he won’t make it far unless he can develop some power in his bat and become a better defender. Overall, the Cardinals made the right move by trading away Garcia, although the prospects they got in return might not ever turn out to be very good.

Grade: B