Mariners sign Nicasio to a 2-year deal

The Seattle Mariners are continuing to try and address their bullpen as they signed veteran right-handed pitcher Juan Nicasio to a 2-year/$17 million contract. Nicasio bounced around quite a bit last season as he played for the Pirates, Phillies, and Cardinals while going 5-5 with a 2.61 ERA with those teams. Nicasio has been a starting pitcher for most of his career, but all of his 76 appearances last season came in a relief role. Nicasio will likely now transition into the 8th inning role for the Mariners next season as he will be the setup man for closer Edwin Diaz. Overall, this does seem to be a lot of money to pay for Seattle since Nicasio only has an unimpressive career ERA of 4.55. However, he has performed much better ever since he became a full-time relief pitcher and he certainly proved last season that he can be very good in a late-inning role. We’ll see if that success can continue for Seattle in 2018 considering that he hasn’t been a relief pitcher for a very long time.

Grade: C+

juan nicasio


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