Giants trade Nunez to the Red Sox

The San Francisco Giants made a big trade a few days before the trade deadline as they sent 3rd baseman Eduardo Nunez to the Boston Red Sox for young pitching prospects Gregory Santos and Shaun Anderson.


Giants analysis/grade:

This is a good return for the Giants as they are getting two intriguing young pitching prospects for Eduardo Nunez who is a good utility player. The Giants will have a big void to fill at 3rd base, but that doesn’t matter much since they clearly aren’t going to make the playoffs this year. Nunez was going to be a free agent after this season anyway and the Giants weren’t really interested in re-signing him. It makes tons of sense for the Giants to get rid of him now and begin to rebuild a farm system that doesn’t have much talent. The Giants received two promising young right-handed pitchers in this deal as they acquired Shaun Anderson and Gregory Santos. Anderson was a 2016 3rd round pick by Boston, so he clearly has the talent to make it to the major leagues soon. Anderson doesn’t throw too hard, but he mixes his pitches well and that is where he has been successful. He is 6-4 with a 3.58 ERA this season in the minor leagues, so if he keeps putting up good numbers consistently then he could be in the MLB within a few years. Anderson won’t ever be a star pitcher, yet he could be good depth for the Giants starting rotation as a 4th or 5th starter. The Giants also received 17-year old right-handed pitching prospect Gregory Santos in this deal. Santos is 2-0 with a 0.90 ERA in 7 starts in the Dominican summer league this season. Those stats are certainly impressive, although it will be interesting to see if those numbers can translate well to the higher levels of the minor leagues. Santos isn’t a ranked prospect and it is unlikely he will ever make it to the MLB, but if he keeps putting up impressive stats in the minors then the Giants would surely give him an opportunity. This is a really good trade for the Giants since they are acquiring two promising pitching prospects for a player that probably wasn’t going to re-sign with the team after this season.

Grade: B+


Red Sox analysis/grade:

The Boston Red Sox have one of the most complete rosters in the entire MLB this season, but 3rd base is the position where they have really struggled. Eduardo Nunez should be the solution to Boston’s problems at that position and he could be a big help for the Red Sox in their playoff run this season. Boston just called up Rafael Devers to play at 3rd base and he is playing well so far, but Nunez is a good fallback option at the position if Devers struggles. Nunez also has tremendous versatility as he is able to play many different positions including shortstop, 2nd base, left field, and right field. Nunez might not be an everyday starter at 3rd base, but he is still guaranteed to start many games since he can play a variety of positions. Nunez also is a consistent hitter as he hit .308 with 4 home runs and 31 RBI’s with the Giants this season. Nunez has the defensive versatility and offensive ability to make the Red Sox one of the deepest teams in the MLB for sure. Giving up talented young prospect Shaun Anderson in this trade isn’t ideal, but this trade is still good as it gives the Red Sox much needed help at a major position of need.

Grade: B-

eduardo nunez


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