Players that the San Francisco Giants could trade before the trade deadline

The San Francisco Giants have been a major disappointment during the 2017 season as they are the 2nd worst team in the MLB right now. That means the Giants will be sellers at the trade deadline and that means everybody except for maybe Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner are available. There are many players that the Giants could trade, but one player that they will almost certainly trade is 3rd baseman Eduardo Nunez. He is having a good year as he is hitting .297 with 26 RBI’s for the Giants, but Nunez is a free agent after the season and the Giants don’t want to lose him for nothing. Trading away Nunez would probably only give the Giants one or two decent prospects, yet the Giants need some young prospects to help rebuild their farm system. Another player that San Francisco could trade away is relief pitcher Hunter Strickland. He is having an outstanding season as the best pitcher in the Giants bullpen as he currently has a 1.85 ERA. Strickland is under team control until 2022 which is why the Giants could decide not to trade him. However, Strickland could net the Giants a big return if they trade him before the deadline since there are many contenders that could use him as a late-inning option in their bullpen. There are a couple of starting pitchers that the Giants could decide to trade as well including Matt Moore and Jeff Samardzija. Moore has had an awful year as he is 3-10 with a 5.81 ERA and his trade value has worsened significantly. The Giants might still get some interest in Moore, but they probably wouldn’t get much in return for him because of how terrible he has been this year. The Giants still have him under contract for a couple of years, so they will probably just keep him and try to rebuild his trade value. Jeff Samardzija hasn’t had a very good year for the Giants as he is 4-11 with a 4.86 ERA this season. However, Samardzija still has good trade value and the Giants could at least get a couple of decent prospects in return for him. Samardzija is under contract through 2020, but he is 32 years old right now and he has an annual salary of $18 million. The Giants are looking to get younger and rebuild their farm system, so they could get some good players and start the process if they just trade Samardzija before the deadline. Those are all of the players that the Giants could trade before the deadline, although the only one that is basically sure to be traded is Eduardo Nunez.

hunter strickland


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