Diamondbacks trade O’Brien to the Royals

The Kansas City Royals made a relatively minor trade on Tuesday as they acquired outfielder Peter O’Brien from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for right-handed pitcher Sam Lewis.

Royals evaluation:

The Royals have been looking for younger talent at the major league level and this trade accomplishes that goal as Peter O’Brien is only 26 years old. O’Brien is well known for his power as he has hit 84 home runs the past 3 seasons in the minor leagues. He has shown that type of power ability at the MLB level as well, but he has struggled to hit consistently in the MLB as he only has a .176 average. O’Brien gives the Royals an option at designated hitter for next season and he gives the team just some outfield depth overall. He might start next season in Triple-A, but ultimately he will be with the Royals at some point. O’Brien has great potential and if he can find a way to hit more consistently then this could be a great trade for Kansas City especially since they gave up a low-level pitching prospect to get him. It is a low risk trade for Kansas City that could turn into a high reward very soon.

Grade: B

Diamondbacks evaluation:

The Diamondbacks had already designated Peter O’Brien for assignment, so it was clear that he was not going to be part of their future. O’Brien had already proven himself in the minor leagues, but he didn’t do much for the Diamondbacks when he was called up. Arizona isn’t getting much in return for O’Brien, but it was good that they could get something in return for O’Brien. Sam Lewis is a right-handed pitcher that has been in the Royals minor league system since 2012 when he was signed as an undrafted free agent. However, Lewis hasn’t made it very far in the minor leagues as he only was in Class A last season, although he did put up a respectable 2.17 ERA in 2016. We’ll see if he moves up to the Double-A level in 2017, but either way he still several years away from reaching the MLB. The Diamondbacks need to develop Lewis quite a bit, but it is worth getting him since the team was likely going to release Peter O’Brien anyway. This is just an average trade for Arizona as it doesn’t help them any, but I give them credit for at least acquiring something for a player that they were releasing anyway.

Grade: C+



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