Tigers sign Avila to a 1-year deal

The Detroit Tigers added to their catching depth by signing veteran catcher Alex Avila to a 1-year/$2 million deal. Avila has spent most of his career with the Tigers as their starting catcher, but he left the Tigers to spend one season with the White Sox in 2016. Avila now will reunite with his dad Al Avila who is the Tigers general manager. However, Avila will not be the starting catcher for Detroit in 2017 as James McCann has that role locked down. Avila provides the Tigers with a decent backup catcher as he has the ability to hit home runs which should be useful when he receives some playing time. Avila hit 7 home runs in limited time for Chicago last season, but his problem has been that he can’t hit consistently. Avila strikes out too much and he has only been a .240 career hitter and he hit an even worse .213 average with the White Sox last season. It is great to see Avila back with the Tigers, but at this point he is nothing more than a backup that can fill in occasionally for James McCann. This signing provides some more stability for the Tigers at the catcher position. Avila might not be an all-star caliber catcher like he was before, but he provides some more depth at the catcher position for the Tigers at least.

Grade: B



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