Dodgers re-sign Turner to a 4-year deal

The Los Angeles Dodgers were able to retain one of the top free agents this offseason as they re-signed 3rd baseman Justin Turner to a 4-year/$64 million contract. It is difficult to find quality 3rd basemen like Turner these days especially 3rd basemen that can provide quality offense. Turner had a career year for the Dodgers in 2016 as he hit .275 with 27 home runs and 90 RBI’s. It would have been difficult for the Dodgers to replace him as there just weren’t many decent options at the 3rd base position in free agency. Turner has been quite the story in recent years as he has been a backup infielder for most of his career. However, the Dodgers finally gave him an opportunity for some quality playing time in 2014 and since then he has been one of the best 3rd basemen in the MLB. An average salary of $16 million per season is a lot for the Dodgers to pay Turner. However, he is worth every penny especially since it would have been tough for the Dodgers to replace him. Turner could have easily gone elsewhere in free agency since he was by far the best 3rd baseman available, but the Dodgers just wouldn’t let him go. We’ll see if Turner can repeat the type of season that he had in 2016. However, this is a great move for the Dodgers since he makes their lineup much better and they wouldn’t have been nearly productive at 3rd base without him.

Grade: A



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