Angels sign Revere to a 1-year deal

The Los Angeles Angels added to their outfield depth as they signed veteran centerfielder Ben Revere to a 1-year/$4 million contract. Revere had an awful season with the Nationals last season as he hit .217 with 2 home runs. However, Revere has some value still as a backup outfielder as he has tremendous speed and he can get on base often. The Angels already have their starting outfield with Mike Trout, Kole Calhoun, and Cameron Maybin. Revere probably won’t see a large role with the Angels, but he could be useful at the top of the lineup if one of the starting outfielders needs a day off. Also, Revere could be used late in games as a pinch runner that has an ability to steal bases consistently. Revere is a career .285 hitter, so I believe that last year’s horrible batting average was likely a fluke for Revere. He will likely use 2017 with the Angels to build up his value again and maybe he can get a bigger role for the 2018 season as he is currently only 28 years old. The Angels clearly needed some outfield depth for 2017, so I like this signing for the team. Revere obviously won’t compete for a starting outfield spot. However, he still has good speed and he can get on base often if called upon as a replacement.

Grade: B-



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