Indians sign Encarnacion to a 3-year deal

The Cleveland Indians don’t make big free agent signings often, but they certainly did this offseason as they signed designated hitter/1st baseman Edwin Encarnacion to a 3-year/$60 million contract. Encarnacion is one of the best power hitters in all of the MLB and he was the top hitter in free agency this offseason. Cleveland already had strong starting pitching and a strong bullpen, but the lack of offense is what ultimately hurt them last season. Encarnacion certainly will provide some offense for Cleveland as he hit 42 home runs last season for Toronto and he led the american league with 127 RBI’s. He also has a whopping 193 home runs since the 2012 season which is 2nd in the MLB only behind Chris Davis. Encarnacion replaces Mike Napoli in Cleveland’s lineup as Napoli now definitely won’t re-sign with the team for next season. However, Carlos Santana will probably play 1st base most of the time and that will leave Encarnacion as the team’s new designated hitter. Cleveland’s roster was already stacked before with talent, yet they lacked a power bat until they signed Encarnacion. The Indians were extremely close to winning the world series last season and we’ll see if this signing will be the move that allows them to be world series champions soon. The Indians typically don’t spend much in free agency, so this signing really proves that they are willing to do whatever it takes to win a championship. Either way, this is a tremendous signing for Cleveland as it will make the Indians lineup much more dynamic.

Grade: A



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