Red Sox trade Clay Buchholz to the Phillies

The Boston Red Sox made a move that many people knew was coming as they traded veteran starting pitcher Clay Buchholz to the Philadelphia Phillies for minor league 2nd baseman Josh Tobias.

Red Sox evaluation:

This trade makes sense for the Red Sox because they just didn’t have any spot for Clay Buchholz in their starting rotation especially after they traded for star pitcher Chris Sale. Buchholz has been injured often especially in recent years for Boston, but when he is healthy and pitching well then he is definitely an all-star caliber pitcher. Boston’s starting rotation is already set with 5 quality starting pitchers and they knew that they couldn’t rely on Buchholz to be productive consistently. I would have been shocked if Buchholz would have been on the Red Sox roster in 2017 considering how talented their rotation is. Meanwhile, the Red Sox are getting a decent prospect in this trade by acquiring infield prospect Josh Tobias. He has been a productive player in 2 minor league seasons as he has hit .301 so far in his career. However, Tobias doesn’t provide much power as he has hit only 13 home runs in 2 minor league seasons. Tobias will likely start 2017 in Double-A for Boston and he is still a couple of years away from the MLB level at least. The Red Sox probably should have received more in return for a talented pitcher like Buchholz. However, this trade does make sense since Buchholz would not have been able to give him an opportunity to be in the starting rotation next season.

Grade: A-

Phillies evaluation:

This trade makes some sense for the Phillies as well since it provides some more stability to Philadelphia’s young starting rotation. The Phillies already have really good starting rotation, but the addition of Buchholz makes the rotation complete. Philadelphia is still in the rebuilding process, although Buchholz makes them a more competitive team in 2017. Buchholz is an all-star caliber pitcher when he is healthy, but staying healthy has been a major issue for him in recent seasons. It will be interesting to see how many innings that he can give Philadelphia next season, although he can provide some solid leadership at least. Buchholz brings world series experience and he is 32 years old, so he can be a mentor to some of the young Phillies pitchers. Buchholz didn’t have a great season for Boston in 2016 as he went 8-10 with a 4.78 ERA. However, I expect those numbers to improve next season as long as he stays healthy. Philadelphia didn’t give up much to get Buchholz which makes this trade even better and we’ll see if Buchholz can return to his all-star form. The Phillies could be better than people expect in 2017 and if Buchholz can pitch well then their starting rotation appears to be very good.

Grade: B+



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