Padres re-sign Richard to a 1-year deal

The San Diego Padres are bringing back veteran left-handed pitcher Clayton Richard as they re-signed him to a 1-year/$1.75 million contract. Richard has been a starting pitcher for most of his career, although he did have 27 relief appearances for the Cubs and Padres last season. Richard was productive though as he went 3-3 with a 2.52 ERA in 11 games for San Diego in 2016. The Padres are certainly hoping that he can replicate those types of stats as he figures to be a key member of the Padres starting rotation in 2017. San Diego has a very thin starting rotation, so it looks like Richard will be the 3rd starter in their rotation. At least this signing is really cheap for the Padres as they’re only paying him $1.75 million, yet it’s not a good idea for the Padres to be relying upon 33-year old Clayton Richard. He is nothing more than pitching depth at this point in his career and he fits best in the bullpen in a long relief role. San Diego could have gotten a much better pitcher than Richard in free agency this offseason especially since they are expecting him to pitch a lot of innings. This signing doesn’t make too much sense for San Diego, but at least Richard is a bargain signing.

Grade: C-



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