Pirates sign Hudson to a 2-year deal

The Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t known for making many free agent signings. However, they made a signing to try and improve their bullpen as they signed relief pitcher Daniel Hudson to a 2-year/$11 million contract. Pittsburgh needed some bullpen help badly this offseason especially in the late innings and Hudson should provide some more stability. Tony Watson will be the team’s new closer, so the Pirates needed a new 7th and 8th inning option in their bullpen. Hudson certainly had a rough 2016 season with Arizona as he went 3-2 with a 5.22 ERA. It was by far his worst season in the MLB, so expect those stats to improve next season with the Pirates especially since he won’t pitching at hitter-friendly Chase Field anymore. The Pirates still have to find a 7th inning option, but at least the signing of Daniel Hudson should fix the 8th inning vacancy for Pittsburgh. Overall, this is a solid signing for the Pirates as they look to provide some more stability to their bullpen. Hopefully Hudson won’t be as bad as he was last season with the Diamondbacks, although I fully expect him to be the consistent late inning bullpen option that he was during the 2015 season.

Grade: B+



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