Padres sign Chacin to a 1-year deal

The San Diego Padres added some more pitching depth as they signed veteran starting pitcher Jhoulys Chacin to a 1-year/$1.75 million deal. Chacin has been a decent pitcher throughout his career especially considering that he spent 6 seasons pitching in Colorado. The Padres really have a weak starting rotation, so Chacin should add at least some stability in that area for San Diego. He should be a good 4th starter for the Padres as he has a career 3.94 ERA and he has proven that he can be a good starting pitcher. I don’t expect the Padres to compete at all next season, but Chacin at least makes this team a little more respectable. If he pitches like he did with the Rockies then this could be a tremendous signing for San Diego and he could end up being the team’s best starter in 2017. San Diego isn’t paying much at all to sign Chacin, so this signing is very low risk. However, this should be a bargain signing for the Padres and it certainly makes their rotation a little bit better.

Grade: B+



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