Marlins sign Ziegler to a 2-year contract

The Miami Marlins continued to rebuild their bullpen this offseason as they signed veteran relief pitcher Brad Ziegler to a 2-year/$16 million deal. Ziegler is 37 years old, yet he is still as productive as ever as he had a 2.25 ERA with 22 saves in 2016 for the Diamondbacks and Red Sox. Miami lost out on signing some of the top closers in free agency, but at least the signing of Ziegler provides them a proven and consistent option as their closer in 2017. The Marlins likely will use Ziegler as an 8th inning option at least to start next season and that certainly isn’t a bad role for him as it still provides some stability to the bullpen. Miami has already signed veteran Junichi Tazawa to be the 7th inning guy in 2017, so the addition of Ziegler as well makes this bullpen much improved for next year. Ziegler has been one of the most consistent relief pitchers in the MLB throughout his career as he has a 2.44 ERA. He might not throw hard and he’s not as entertaining to watch as other relief pitchers, although he finds a way to get the job done every year. Either way, Ziegler gives the Marlins a fallback option for the 9th inning role and he will make the Marlins bullpen much improved in 2017.

Grade: A



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