Marlins sign Tazawa to a 2-year deal

The Miami Marlins have made it a priority to provide some more stability to their bullpen and they did that by signing Junichi Tazawa to a 2-year/$12 million contract. Tazawa has had a good MLB career as he has a 3.58 ERA and he was a key part of Boston’s 2013 world series team. However, the past 2 seasons have been a struggle for Tazawa with the Red Sox as he had a 4.14 ERA in 2015 and a 4.17 ERA last season. Tazawa still has a lot of years left in him though as he is only 30 years old currently, but the decrease in his fastball velocity is concerning. The Marlins were hoping to land a top closer in free agency and although that didn’t happen they still should have an improved bullpen by signing Tazawa. I fully expect his stats to improve next season and he should be a good 7th inning option for Miami. Overall, this is a good acquisition for the Marlins since their bullpen wasn’t very good last season and Tazawa is a proven setup man that should provide some stability.

Grade: B



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