White Sox sign Holland to a 1-year deal

The Chicago White Sox completed their starting rotation as they signed left-handed pitcher Derek Holland to a 1-year/$6 million deal. Holland fills the rotation spot that became available once the White Sox traded Chris Sale to the Red Sox. Holland is not nearly the pitcher that Chris Sale is, but Holland provides at least a temporary solution for the White Sox. The White Sox are clearly not willing to pay a big long-term contract for a pitcher as they will be a rebuilding team in 2017. Holland will at least help provide some depth to the White Sox rotation and he might even give them an opportunity to be a decent team if he performs well. Chicago now has a very respectable rotation at least for next season as they still have Jose Quintana, Carlos Rodon, and James Shields at the top of their rotation. Holland didn’t have a great year for the Rangers last season as he went 7-9 with a 4.95 ERA, but he won’t be expected to do too much in 2017 for Chicago as the 5th starter in their rotation. Holland just needs to pitch a lot of innings and if he can pitch like he did with the Rangers in 2013 when he had a 3.42 ERA then this could be a really good deal for Chicago. Either way, the White Sox aren’t expecting to contend next season and if Holland can provide at least average pitching then it is a good deal for Chicago.

Grade: B+



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