Brewers sign Tommy Milone to a 1-year deal

The Milwaukee Brewers added to their pitching depth as they signed left-handed starting pitcher Tommy Milone to a 1-year/$1.25 million deal. Milone had probably the worst season of his career with the Twins last season as he went 3-5 with a 5.71 ERA. He has been a decent starting pitcher for most of his career, but at this point he is nothing more than depth for the Brewers. Milwaukee already has a complete starting rotation, so it doesn’t seem that Milone will be able to find a spot in the rotation. The only role that I would think Milone could fit in with the Brewers is in a long relief role in Milwaukee’s bullpen. I don’t particularly like this signing because there isn’t much potential with Milone. He has never been a hard-throwing pitcher and I don’t see him realistically competing for a role in the starting rotation for the Brewers. Sure, it is a really low risk signing since it is a 1-year deal and he has basically no guaranteed money, yet this signing isn’t worth it for Milwaukee. They should have just signed him to a minor league contract and keep him in Triple-A until an injury occurs to the starting rotation.

Grade: D-



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