Dodgers re-sign Jansen to a 5-year deal

It appeared for awhile that closer Kenley Jansen might leave in free agency, but ultimately he will be returning to Los Angeles as he re-signed with the Dodgers on a 5-year/$80 million contract. Jansen has been one of the most consistent closers in the MLB especially last season when he had a 1.83 ERA and 47 saves for the Dodgers. There is no doubt how much Jansen has meant to the Dodgers as without him their bullpen isn’t nearly as strong. Jansen has been successful with an outstanding cutter pitch that resembles the cutter that future hall-of-fame closer Mariano Rivera had when he was playing. $20 million per year is a big risk for the Dodgers in order to keep Jansen. However, it is rare to find a dominant closer like Jansen and if the Dodgers are to ever go far in the playoffs then they will definitely rely on Jansen. Either way, this is a big move for the Dodgers as they wouldn’t have been able to find another closer to replace Jansen easily. The Dodgers have a very talented roster, but this signing makes them a definite world series contender for at least next season.

Grade: A+



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