Yankees sign Chapman to a 5-year deal

The New York Yankees made a big offseason acquisition on Wednesday as they signed closer Aroldis Chapman to a 5-year/$86 million contract. Chapman played for the Yankees during the 1st half of last season before the team traded him to the Cubs at the trade deadline. He is one of the most dynamic pitchers in all of the MLB as he has a fastball that he throws at 100 MPH consistently. Also, Chapman has been really consistent as he has a career 2.08 ERA including a 1.55 ERA last season for the Yankees and Cubs. There is no doubt that this signing makes the Yankees a much better team. Dellin Betances was very good last season as the Yankees closer and now he can move back to his setup role. Also, the team has Tyler Clippard as another decent setup man for the 7th inning. If the Yankees have a lead in a close game heading into the 8th inning then don’t expect them to lose many games with Betances and Chapman available late in games. The Yankees still have a lot of work to do with their starting rotation and lineup. However, this signing is great because it makes their bullpen much better especially in the late innings.

Grade: A



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