Red Sox sign Moreland to a 1-year deal

The Boston Red Sox added to their lineup on Tuesday by signing veteran 1st baseman Mitch Moreland to a 1-year/$5.5 million contract. This deal is good for the Red Sox because now Hanley Ramirez doesn’t have to be the team’s everyday 1st baseman. Moreland will primarily play 1st base in 2017 especially against right-handed pitching. However, Ramirez will primarily be the designated hitter unless the team could have him at 1st base against left-handed pitching. Moreland is only a .254 career hitter as he strikes out a lot, yet he does provide a tremendous power bat to the Red Sox lineup. He has proven that he can hit 20+ home runs in a season as he has done so the past 2 seasons for Texas. However, if he plays 1st base everyday for the Red Sox then I certainly don’t doubt that he has enough power to hit 30 home runs. Moreland provides more quality defense at 1st base than Hanley Ramirez can, so this move makes sense for Boston. Moreland will be a nice addition to the middle of Boston’s lineup and at least Ramirez won’t have to be an everyday player in 2017. It will be interesting to see how much playing time Moreland gets at 1st base, but this could be a bargain deal for Boston if he puts up solid numbers like he did in Texas the past two seasons.

Grade: B



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