Phillies sign Benoit to a 1-year deal

The Philadelphia Phillies needed to upgrade their bullpen this offseason and they did just that as they signed veteran relief pitcher Joaquin Benoit to a 1-year/$7.5 million deal. Benoit had a solid year for the Mariners and Blue Jays last season as he went 3-1 with a 2.81 ERA. He is 39 years old which is somewhat a cause for concern, but he has actually been a better pitcher the last several years than he was early on in his career. He has had an ERA of below 3.00 during 6 out of the past 7 seasons. This overall is a solid signing for Philadelphia because they need help especially at the back end of their bullpen. Hector Neris had a great year for the Phillies in 2016 and he figures to be the team’s closer next season, but Benoit figures to be the 8th inning setup guy for the Phillies. Benoit might retire or go somewhere else after the 2017 season. However, he is a temporary fix for the Phillies bullpen while the team tries to develop their young talent and rebuild. The Phillies bullpen still isn’t very good, although Benoit should provide some consistency for the bullpen in 2017. This is a solid signing for Philadelphia and he will help the Phillies at least be a respectable team while they continue the rebuilding process in 2017.

Grade: B



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