Marlins sign Locke to a 1-year deal

The Miami Marlins tried to bolster their starting rotation on Wednesday as they signed left-handed pitcher Jeff Locke to a 1-year/$3.025 million contract. Locke was non-tendered by the Pirates this offseason after he had a poor season with a 5.44 ERA. The Marlins needed some more pitching depth this offseason and they added to it already by signing Edinson Volquez. However, Locke figures to be the 5th starter in Miami’s rotation in 2017 which isn’t necessary a bad thing considering he was a good pitcher just a few years ago. We will see if Locke can improve in 2017 and help out the Marlins rotation by providing at least some consistency. This is as decent signing for Miami especially since Locke can provide the quality pitching depth that they had been lacking. Don’t expect Locke to put up impressive stats, but I’m sure that around a 4.00 ERA would make this signing good for the Marlins.

Grade: C+



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