Marlins sign Ellis to a 1-year deal

The Miami Marlins seemed to have found their new backup catcher as they signed veteran A.J. Ellis to a 1-year/$2.5 million deal. Ellis has been with the Dodgers for most of his career as he spent 13 years with that organization before being traded to the Phillies in August. He doesn’t provide much offense as he hit only .216 with 2 home runs last season, but at 35 years old he does provide quality veteran leadership for the Marlins. Ellis also knows how to handle pitching staffs well and he’s mostly known for his defense. Ellis certainly won’t see much playing time as J.T. Realmuto is clearly the starting catcher for Miami. However, Ellis will be a good leader in the clubhouse even when he isn’t playing and he will be a good replacement if Realmuto needs a day off. Ellis replaces Jeff Mathis as the Marlins backup catcher after Mathis left for Arizona in free agency. Ellis can’t be relied upon to replace Realmuto for an extended period of time since Ellis has never really been a productive offensive catcher. However, this is a good signing for Miami since Ellis is a great leader and he provides some solid defense if Realmuto needs a day off.

Grade: B-



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