Giants trade Heston to the Mariners

The San Francisco Giants traded right-handed starting pitcher Chris Heston to the Seattle Mariners on Wednesday for a player to be named later.

Giants evaluation:

It wasn’t too long ago that Chris Heston was 12-11 with a 3.95 ERA during his first full season with the Giants in 2015. That was also the year that Heston threw a no-hitter against the Mets. However, San Francisco’s starting rotation already has 5 proven pitchers in their starting rotation, so Heston wouldn’t have been able to compete for a spot. Heston could still have provided some useful depth for the Giants rotation. He would have been a good fill-in if one of those 5 pitchers in the Giants rotation were to get injured. I don’t have much of a problem with the Giants trading him since they don’t have much of a use for him. However, the Giants are only getting a player to be named later from the Mariners, so they probably should have just kept him in Triple-A for rotational depth. I just don’t see the incentive as to why the Giants would trade Heston away for basically nothing. For that price, it was just more worth it for the Giants to keep Heston rather than trading him.

Grade: C-

Mariners evaluation:

This trade makes sense for the Mariners because they are getting a starting pitcher that can compete for a spot in the rotation and the best part is that Seattle gave up basically nothing to get him. Heston has proven that he can be a quality player as he had a 3.95 ERA with the Giants in 2015. Even if he doesn’t win a spot in the Mariners starting rotation then he could spend some time in Triple-A and wait until an injury happens for the Mariners. Also, he could even spend some time in Seattle’s bullpen as a long relief pitcher if needed. Heston just provides some much needed pitching depth for the Mariners and even if he doesn’t provide much for Seattle this still is a low risk trade. Either way, this is a tremendous trade for the Mariners since they are giving up a low-level player for Heston.

Grade: B+



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