Rays sign Ramos to a 2-year deal

The Tampa Bay Rays normally are extremely quiet during the offseason especially when it comes to free agent signings. However, the Rays made a big free agent signing on Tuesday as they signed catcher Wilson Ramos to a 2-year/$12.5 million contract. Ramos had a career year in 2016 with the Nationals as he hit .307 with 22 home runs and 80 RBI’s. Ramos was in line to receive a huge contract in free agency this offseason, although a late season torn ACL really hurt his value as he probably won’t play until May or June. The Rays have been looking for a solid starting catcher for years and they had awful offensive production out of the position last season. Ramos might not play right away because of his injury, but they are still getting an above average catcher for at least one year in 2018. I really like this signing for the Rays because it is a bargain deal for the team despite his injury. I thought that Ramos might have gotten an even better salary this offseason despite the injury, yet if he can come back strong from the injury then this is a bargain for Tampa Bay. The Rays still have a lot of work to do with their bullpen and some of their lineup. However, the signing of Ramos takes care of the need for a quality catcher which they have been lacking for many years.

Grade: A



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