Diamondbacks sign Rodney to a 1-year deal

The Arizona Diamondbacks might have found a bargain as they signed veteran relief pitcher Fernando Rodney to a 1-year/$2.75 million deal. Rodney turns 40 years old in March, so this is nothing more than a temporary solution for the Diamondbacks bullpen. However, Arizona could be getting a quality player as he was an all-star last season as he had a 3.44 ERA and 25 saves with the Padres and Marlins. Arizona’s bullpen needed some help badly and they are hoping that Rodney can be their new closer at least for 2017. Rodney was terrible for the Marlins late last season as he had a 5.89 ERA in 36.2 innings, so the Diamondbacks are hoping for Rodney to be the pitcher that he was with San Diego. Either way, this is a good low risk signing for the Diamondbacks as they are paying him a really cheap contract. We’ll see if Rodney can be more consistent in 2017, but this is a really solid signing for Arizona especially if he can return to his all-star caliber form.

Grade: B+



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