Pearce signs 2-year deal with Toronto

The Toronto Blue Jays added some more power to their lineup on Monday as they signed 1st baseman Steve Pearce to a 2-year/$12.5 million contract. Pearce figures to play 1st base primarily for Toronto and he could end up splitting time with Justin Smoak at that position. However, Pearce is an intriguing player because he also has a lot of experience as an outfielder as well and he could fill in at left field or right field as needed. The signing of Pearce pretty much ends any talk of power-hitting 1st baseman/designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion returning to the team. Pearce doesn’t even compare to Encarnacion’s power, but the one thing that Pearce does offer is that he is a consistent hitter. Pearce probably isn’t an everyday player at 1st base, yet he does provide a lot of value against left-handed pitching as he hit .309 with the Rays and Orioles last season. Overall, Pearce doesn’t pose the threat that Encarnacion did in the Blue Jays lineup, but he can at least be a solid player to replace him at least a little bit. Pearce hit .288 with 13 home runs with the Rays and the Orioles last season, so if he can put up those types of numbers with Toronto in 2017 then this could be a bargain signing. Pearce probably won’t hit 25 home runs, yet as long as he can get on base often then that is all that the Blue Jays really need. Pearce won’t be nearly the type of player that Encarnacion was with Toronto. However, as long as Pearce can stay consistent offensively and stay healthy then this is a solid signing for the Blue Jays.

Grade: B



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