Giants sign Melancon to a 4-year deal

The San Francisco Giants gave the biggest contract to a relief pitcher in MLB history on Monday as they signed closer Mark Melancon to a 4-year/$62 million deal. It certainly is a risk to give a player that much money, but in this case it is a good deal to give it to one of the best closing pitchers in the MLB. Melancon doesn’t have a power arm like Kenley Jansen or Aroldis Chapman, although Melancon remains successful with outstanding location with his pitches. Melancon had a 1.64 ERA with the Pirates and the Nationals last season and he also was 2nd in the MLB with 47 saves last season. Melancon wasn’t just great last season, but he has also been extremely consistent the past few years. He hasn’t had an ERA at 2.00 or worse since the 2012 season when he was with the Red Sox. The Giants know that they will be getting a closer that they can trust completely when put in for save situations in the 9th inning. The Giants have a really solid team overall, but their issue last season was that they didn’t have enough consistency out of their bullpen. That is why they couldn’t make a deep playoff run and Melancon will provide tremendous stability to their struggling bullpen now. Melancon does turn 32 years old in March which is somewhat a concern, but don’t expect much decline in production anytime soon. The Giants still could use some help in the outfield and maybe a little more bullpen help this offseason. However, the signing of Melancon is great because it could be the one piece that makes this team a world series contender once again.

Grade: A




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