Matt Holliday signs 1-year deal with the Yankees

It appears that the New York Yankees have found their new full-time designated hitter as they signed Matt Holliday to a 1-year/$13 million contract on Sunday. This move kind of surprises me since I expected the Yankees to make an even bigger splash at the designated hitter position by possibly signing Edwin Encarnacion. However, it is hard to dispute how productive that Holliday has been throughout his career as he is a 7-time all-star. The only issue for Holliday in the past few years is that he has really struggled to stay healthy. He only played 110 games last season with the Cardinals and his batting average fell to .246, but he still has a lot of power in his bat as he hit 20 home runs in 2016. The Yankees still have a respectable lineup and as long as Holliday stays healthy then he figures to be a key part of their lineup. Holliday has been exclusively a left fielder for most of his career, although that figures to change next season with the Yankees. One reason is because he turns 37 years old in January and he can’t be the defensive player that he once was. Also, now that he’ll be a full-time designated hitter then it will make it more difficult for him to get injured. Holliday can still fill in as needed in the outfield, but the Yankees are signing him for one reason and that is for him to be a power threat in the middle of their lineup. Overall, this is a solid signing for the Yankees as the team expects to continue his productivity of hitting home runs and driving in runs. The only concern is that his play might decline because of his age and he also has a long history of getting injured. However, being a full-time designated hitter should keep him rested and healthy which should therefore allow him to stay a productive player. The Yankees still have a lot of work to do, but this signing at least makes their lineup a little bit better.

Grade: B



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