Mariners sign Rzepczynski to a 2-year deal

The Seattle Mariners provided some more stability to a relatively weak bullpen as they signed left-handed pitcher Marc Rzepczynski to a 2-year/$11 million contract. He isn’t known as dynamic relief pitcher since he doesn’t have a power arm to blow away hitters. However, he just finds a way to get the job done as proven by his 2.64 ERA in 70 games last season while playing for the Athletics and Nationals. Rzepczynski especially is productive against left-handed hitters as he has only allowed a .222 average against left-handed batters. The Mariners could use some more bullpen help probably, but Rzepczysnki at least fills the need that Seattle had for a situational left-handed pitcher out of the bullpen that can dominate left-handed hitters. We’ll see if he can build off of the success that he had last season, but either way this is a really solid move for the Mariners in order to fill a big bullpen need.

Grade: B+



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