Mets bring back Cespedes on a 4-year deal

The New York Mets had confidence that they would bring outfielder Yoenis Cespedes back and that exactly happened on Wednesday as they re-signed him to a 4-year/$110 million contract. Sure, it is a lot of money to give out to a player and there is obviously a lot of risk to this deal, yet it is a great signing for the Mets. We all know how good the Mets starting rotation is and don’t expect that to be any different next season. However, the Mets offense has really struggled to score runs consistently especially with David Wright injured. Yoenis Cespedes was the only consistent offensive option for the Mets last season as he hit .280 with 31 home runs. If the Mets didn’t re-sign Cespedes, then New York’s offense would have been a complete mess. The Mets needed to bring Cespedes back so desperately that they were willing to pay him a ton of money in order to get a deal done. The main concern about this deal is that Cespedes is 31 years old, so his production could decline really soon. However, until he shows signs that his production will decline then this is a tremendous signing for the Mets even though they had to spend a lot of money to retain Cespedes.

Grade: A+



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