Cubs sign Duensing to a 1-year deal

The Chicago Cubs added to their bullpen depth on Friday as they signed veteran relief pitcher Brian Duensing to a 1-year/$2 million deal. Chicago has a really complete team except for their one glaring need of having a left-handed pitcher available in the bullpen. Duensing will provide that and at $2 million then this deal could be a really good bargain for the Cubs especially if Duensing plays somewhat well. Duensing struggles against right-handed hitters, but he did hold left-handed hitters to a .190 average in 21 at-bats last season. He probably won’t be used against right-handed batters much and he is likely being brought in just solely to be a specialist against left-handed hitters. There were clearly much better options in free agency than Duensing especially since he has a 4.13 career ERA. However, he can be just as good of a left-handed pitcher in the bullpen than Travis wood was and at a cheaper price, so overall this signing makes sense for the Cubs.

Grade: C+



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