Eric Thames signs 3-year deal with Milwaukee

It was about 5 years ago that Eric Thames seemed to have a solid MLB career ahead of him, but after spending some time in the minor leagues he decided to bolt to play in South Korea in 2013. That move appears to have worked out for him as he hit .348 with 124 home runs during his 3 seasons playing in Korea. Now, Thames is getting a shot to make an MLB comeback as he just signed a 3-year/$16 million contract with the Milwaukee Brewers. It’s hard to tell how those amazing stats from Korea will translate to the MLB, but if it works out then this could be a bargain signing for Milwaukee. Chris Carter was the team’s starting 1st baseman last season and he hit 41 home runs to lead the national league. However, the team surprisingly got rid of Carter in order to sign Thames as their new 1st baseman. Thames kind of reminds me of Carter in a way because both aren’t great defensive players and they both hit tons of home runs. The only difference is that Thames is a better overall hitter than Carter is and Thames is probably a more consistent batter. Milwaukee lacks a quality left-handed hitter and Thames should at least provide that. Overall, this signing could have a high reward for the Brewers, but I’m a little bit concerned that Thames will be the same type of hitter that he was before he played in Korea. This is a little bit of a risky signing for Milwaukee considering that he’ll be their everyday starting 1st baseman in 2017, yet we’ll see if his offensive production will translate to the MLB level.

Grade: C+



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