Athletics sign Matt Joyce to a 2-year deal

The Oakland Athletics added to their outfield depth by signing right fielder Matt Joyce to a 2-year/$11 million deal. Joyce has been a very consistent offensive player throughout his career as he hits a decent amount of home runs and he drives in a decent amount of runs. Joyce is probably best when used in a platoon role as he is a left-handed hitter that typically hits right-handed pitching much better than he does against left-handed pitching. However, Joyce will compete for the starting job in right field in 2017 as the only other option is Max Muncy who had a .186 average last season. Oakland has proven that they aren’t willing to spend much money to sign free agents to help their team which is why they are stuck trying to find bargain players like Joyce. Joyce can be useful as a 4th outfielder, but it is kind of silly to put him out in right field as an everyday player which is what Oakland will likely do. Joyce will provide the Athletics with some decent offense, but this is just a temporary solution for Oakland in right field, so therefore it is just an average signing.

Grade: C



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