Braves sign Sean Rodriguez to a 2-year deal

The busy offseason for the Atlanta Braves continued as they signed utility player Sean Rodriguez to a 2-year/$11.5 million deal. Rodriguez is coming off by far his best season of his career as he hit .270 with 18 home runs and 56 RBI’s in 2016. Those are all career highs for Rodriguez and those are obviously very impressive offensive numbers. However, Rodriguez is only a .234 career hitter which is a sign that last year’s numbers was probably just a fluke. The Braves aren’t necessarily signing Rodriguez for his bat, but if he can provide at least decent numbers offensively then it makes the $5.5 million annual salary worth it. Rodriguez will be a really useful utility player for the Braves as he provides tremendous positional versatility as he played every position last season except for pitcher and catcher. Rodriguez isn’t an everyday player at one position, yet he could end up playing a lot of games if he is used as a replacement at many positions. I like this move for the Braves because of his ability to fill in at many different positions. Also, if Rodriguez swings the bat like he did last year in Pittsburgh then this move could be great. However, I still don’t really think that he can repeat his offensive stats again with the Braves.

Grade: B



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