Twins sign Jason Castro to a 3-year deal

Minnesota pulled off an acquisition for one of the most coveted catchers available this offseason as they signed Jason Castro to a 3-year/$24.5 million deal. This certainly is shocking signing considering that the Twins weren’t active at all last offseason. However, I do really like this signing for Minnesota. First of all, the Twins starting catcher Kurt Suzuki became a free agent this offseason which meant that they would probably have to find a replacement for him. Suzuki is a decent catcher and he provides some offensive production, but it’s clear that the Twins would have to replace him soon since he’s 33 years old. Castro certainly is an overall upgrade at the catcher position for the Twins mostly because of his defensive skills as a solid pitch framer which is a unique ability that he provides. It’s also really hard to find a catcher that can contribute with some offensive production as well. Castro only hit .210 last season which isn’t good at all, but he did show a lot of power in his 113 games played as he hit 11 home runs last season. We know Castro will always have really good power for a catcher, but he will need to boost his batting average and become a more consistent hitter. Castro certainly has a lot of talent as he was an all-star player just a few years ago for the Astros when he hit .276 with 19 home runs during the 2013 season. Minnesota will at least be getting a good defensive catcher and a player that can hit some home runs. However, if he can regain his consistent hitting then this signing is really good for the Twins. Some people are acting like paying Castro $8 million a year is overpriced. However, I actually think that it’s a team-friendly price to pay a really talented catcher in a really weak market for catchers. This signing is even better for Minnesota because it is symbolic in showing that they are willing to make the acquisitions to improve their team. They didn’t improve their team in any area last offseason and it really showed since they were one of the worst teams in the MLB in 2016. We’ll see if Castro can improve his consistency offensively next season and if he does then this signing could provide big rewards for Minnesota.

Grade: B+



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