Rangers sign Cashner to a 1-year deal

The Texas Rangers improved their pitching depth majorly as they signed veteran starting pitcher Andrew Cashner to a 1-year/$10 million deal. Cashner had by far the worst season of his career in 2016 as he went only 5-11 with a 5.25 ERA with the Padres and Marlins. However, a couple of years ago with San Diego he was one of the top starting pitchers in the national league as he had a 2.55 ERA. Cashner has been a very reliable pitcher throughout his career and in a starting pitcher market that is horrible this offseason then the Rangers had to make a move like this to bolster their starting pitching. Texas has proven all-star caliber pitchers Cole Hamels and Yu Darvish already. However, the depth behind those two pitchers is certainly not very good. The hope is that last year was just a down year for Cashner and that he can return to the consistent pitcher that he used to be. Just based on his past seasons I believe that Cashner can be a quality starting pitcher once again and he is certainly one of the best 3rd or 4th starters that you’ll find in any starting rotation. At least Texas is only giving Cashner a 1-year deal so that he has the incentive to prove himself before hitting free agency once again next year. Cashner might not be the same player that he was during his years with the Padres, yet the Rangers desperately needed starting pitcher and this is a signing that they needed to make.

Grade: B-



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