Free Agent that every AL Central team should re-sign.

Chicago White Sox – Alex Avila – Catcher – 2016: .213 avg. and 7 home runs

Alex Avila isn’t even close to being the all-star caliber catcher that he was during the 2011 season with the Detroit Tigers. However, Avila still has pretty good power for a catcher and he is still probably worth the White Sox re-signing because he can be a useful backup catcher at least. It’s difficult to find quality catchers these days and bringing back Avila at least as a backup would be a good move since he will be cheap to re-sign and he still has a lot of talent even though he has struggled in recent years.

Cleveland Indians – Mike Napoli – 1st baseman – 2016: .239 avg. and 34 home runs

Napoli was probably the one player that turned Cleveland from not just a playoff contender, but rather into a world series team. Napoli hit 34 home runs last season and he was the consistent power source that the Indians had been lacking in previous years. Napoli is 35 years old which means he won’t be getting a very long deal this offseason, yet it is worth it for Cleveland to keep him for at least another year or two.

Detroit Tigers – Jarrod Saltalamacchia – Catcher – 2016: .171 avg. and 12 home runs

In no way should Jarrod Saltalamacchia be a starting catcher on any team in the MLB. However, he still has a lot of value as a backup that has a ton of power left in his bat as proven by his 12 home runs despite receiving a part-time role. The average for Saltalamacchia is horrible as he hit .171 for the Tigers in 2016. However, he can be brought back at a cheap price and he could be useful coming off the bench.

Kansas City Royals – Greg Holland – Relief Pitcher – 2016: None

Holland didn’t play at all last season because he had Tommy John surgery on his throwing arm. However, when he is healthy, Holland has proven that he can easily be one of the top relief pitchers in all of the MLB. He is effective either as a setup man or a closer, but he would provide even more stability to the Royals bullpen at a bargain price. Kansas City has a tremendous bullpen even without Holland, but the Royals should definitely consider re-signing him since they will be getting a top-end relief pitcher for a cheap price. I have no idea how the Royals could possibly turn that down.

Minnesota Twins – Kurt Suzuki – Catcher – 2016: .258 avg. and 8 home runs

Kurt Suzuki has never been a flashy player, yet the one thing that he has always provided is consistent offensive production. Consistency is the main thing that Minnesota is lacking at pretty much every position which is why there a terrible team last year. However, it’s hard to find a more reliable catcher than Suzuki these days and combine that with the veteran leadership that he provides the Twins and they would be foolish to let him go.



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