Brett Cecil signs a 4-year deal with St. Louis

Veteran left-handed relief pitcher Brett Cecil has found a new home as he is leaving Toronto to sign a 4-year/$30.5 million deal with the St. Louis Cardinals. St. Louis needed a lot of bullpen help especially in the late innings and that was one of the major reasons that they didn’t make the playoffs last season. Cecil has been a consistently good relief pitcher the past few years in Toronto. However, he had a 3.93 ERA last season for the Blue Jays which was his worst ERA since the 2012 season. Cecil has proven that he can be one of the best relief pitchers in the MLB and if he can regain that form then he could really help out the Cardinals. Cecil will either be the 7th or 8th inning guy out of the Cardinals bullpen, but it just depends on which situation manager Mike Matheny wants to use Cecil in. Either way, there is no denying that Cecil will be useful for St. Louis especially against left-handed hitting which he has dominated in recent years. I’m a little bit concerned about the price that the Cardinals are paying to sign Cecil. However, a 7 million yearly salary isn’t that bad as long as Cecil improves next season like he probably will. The Cardinals needed to stabilize their bullpen this offseason and the signing of Cecil should accomplish that in a big way.

Grade: B+



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