Astros sign Josh Reddick to a 4-year deal

The Astros continued their really busy day of acquisitions on Wednesday by signing outfielder Josh Reddick to a 4-year/$52 million deal. Reddick came into this offseason as one of the top free agents mostly because of his solid offensive production. He doesn’t have great power as he only had 10 home runs in 110 games last season. His average has improved the past few seasons as he hit .281 in 2016, but the Astros are hoping that his power numbers will return to the type of numbers when he hit 20 home runs in 2015 with Oakland. Either way, Reddick will be a nice addition to the Astros especially since he will be a much better upgrade over Colby Rasmus who appears to officially be leaving via free agency after the Reddick signing. Reddick has played right field most of his career, but in all likelihood he’ll be moved over to left field since George Springer is the everyday player in right field. I actually think it’s not a bad contract at all for the Astros as they’re only paying him about $12 million annually which isn’t much at all for a quality outfielder for Reddick. We’ll see if Reddick can fully return to the all-star caliber player that he was just a few years ago and if he does then this is a great signing for Houston. However, consistency has been an issue for Reddick, although this still is a good signing for the Astros to give themselves a much needed left-handed bat in their lineup.

Grade: B




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