Braves sign Bartolo Colon to 1-year deal

The Atlanta Braves made kind of a shocking move on Friday by signing 43-year old starting pitcher Bartolo Colon to a 1-year/$12.5 million deal. Bartolo Colon certainly proved that age is just a number last year as he made 33 starts and put up a very impressive 3.45 ERA. However, the Mets starting rotation is stacked with young talent which made it very unlikely that Colon would return to the team. However, it seemed like he would either retire from the MLB or find a way to re-sign with the Mets on a 1-year deal. This move does certainly make sense for the Braves as Colon provides some veteran leadership to a really young Braves team that doesn’t figure to compete next season. Colon may be aging, but he has proven that he is still a really productive pitcher and he certainly is a good short-term option for the Braves rotation. Atlanta has some good young pitching prospects in the minor leagues and Colon on a 1-year deal can be a good temporary solution until the young pitching can arrive. We’ll see if Colon’s age will finally slow down his production, but this is a good move for the Braves to at least make their rotation a little bit better in 2017.

Grade: B



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