Blue Jays sign Morales to 3-year deal

The Toronto Blue Jays made kind of a surprising move on Friday by signing veteran 1st baseman/designated hitter Kendrys Morales to a 3-year deal worth $33 million. Many people thought that the Blue Jays would bring back free agent designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion. However, the signing of Morales likely means the end of Encarnacion’s tenure with the Blue Jays since they probably won’t have Encarnacion or Morales playing 1st base. I really like the signing of Morales because he provides tremendous power as he hit 30 home runs and 93 RBI’s. However, he will likely be a full-time designated hitter for Toronto since he is 33 years old and he hasn’t played much 1st base as he has only played 102 games combined at that position since 2012. Toronto could still choose to bring back Encarnacion, but that doesn’t make too much sense for the Blue Jays since Encarnacion struck out too many times last season and he is likely to demand a large salary from Toronto. Also, Morales will only make about $11 million annually which isn’t much at all considering how much offensive value that he can provide for the Blue Jays. Morales has just as much offensive abilities as Encarnacion does, so this signing is really good for Toronto since they won’t have to pay as much to bring back Encarnacion. Morales will bring a middle of the lineup bat for a surprisingly cheap price which is why this signing is so great for Toronto.

Grade: A



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