Diamondbacks trade Clippard to the Yankees

Yankees Evaluation:

The Yankees have really dismantled their bullpen lately by trading away star relief pitchers Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller. That’s why the acquisition of Tyler Clippard is so surprising. Clippard has been a solid late-inning pitcher for most of his career, but he is nothing more than a decent middle-relief option at this point in his career. Clippard has a 4.15 ERA so far this season and he is 31 years old, so for a Yankees team that is building towards the future then this trade doesn’t make much sense. The good news for the Yankees was that they didn’t give up a great prospect. However, losing 24 year old starting pitcher Vicente Campos isn’t ideal considering that he has been terrific throughout his minor league career. New York is looking to get younger to sustain future success so acquiring an old and washed out pitcher like Clippard just isn’t ideal.

Grade: D-

Diamondbacks Evaluation:

It’s difficult to not like this trade for the Diamondbacks mostly because the team really had no use for Clippard anymore. Clippard was having a terrible season out of the bullpen for Arizona and the Diamondbacks don’t have anything to compete for this season. Receiving promising young pitcher Vicente Campos makes this deal really worth it. He has a 3.20 ERA in the minor leagues this season and he is a player that could make an impact for the Diamondbacks at some point next season. Campos has potential to be a decent 4th or 5th starter in a starting rotation, but at worst he could add some bullpen depth. Campos isn’t a great prospect, yet to get him for a player that they wouldn’t use anyway is a really good deal for Arizona

Grade: A



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