Drew Pomeranz traded to the Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox desperately needed some starting rotation help which is why the Red Sox traded top pitching prospect Anderson Espinoza to the San Diego Padres for Left-Handed pitcher Drew Pomeranz.

Red Sox Evaluation:

This is a really risky trade for the Red Sox because Pomeranz is 27 years old and yet he hasn’t had this type of production at any other point in his career. Giving up their top pitching prospect Anderson Espinoza was a really bold move because Espinoza is considered widely as a top 20 prospect in the MLB. Given time, Espinoza could be an ace in the MLB and long-term this trade for the Red Sox could really be a mistake considering how good Espinoza could be. Pomeranz still has 2 years of club control left at a really cheap price, so at least he is a big bargain for Boston considering that they won’t have to deal with a big salary. Pomeranz has been tremendous this season for the Padres as he has a 8-7 record with a 2.47 ERA. However, the thing that concerns me about Pomeranz is that he had never pitched more than 96 innings in a season prior to this year. Pomeranz has had injury issues in the past and he has struggled with consistent production, so I’m a little bit concerned that this year’s production could just be a fluke. Also, you have to consider that Pomeranz’s success could be attributed to playing in very pitcher-friendly Petco Park this season. Ultimately, Boston had to make a big move to acquire a quality starting pitcher and that’s what they did by acquiring Pomeranz. This is a very bold move since Pomeranz has never had nearly this type of success in the MLB prior to this season and it could be a bad move to get rid of a promising young prospect like Espinoza. Time will only tell how great of a trade this will be and I’m not sold that this was the best move for the Red Sox.

Grade: C+

Padres Evaluation:

In my opinion, this is an outstanding trade for the Padres because Pomeranz wasn’t even expected to do much for the Padres this season, so for them to get a top pitching prospect like Anderson Espinoza then this trade can be considered a huge success. Espinoza is one of the top prospects in baseball and he’s also still really young at only 18 years old. The Padres are having a rough season in 2016 and the Padres farm system has been a disaster since the Padres traded away many of their prospects prior to the 2015 season. Espinoza now becomes the top prospect and he is expected to become a long-term ace in the starting rotation for the Padres. Pomeranz was the best pitcher for San Diego in the 1st half of this season, but he had never had a consistent season at any point in his career prior to the 2016 season. San Diego is just starting the rebuilding process once again, so holding onto Pomeranz didn’t make much sense since they won’t be needing him to contend anytime soon. Also, it was a brilliant move to trade Pomeranz now since he has maximum value and therefore the Padres can get some really good talent in return. Espinoza has a promising young arm as he can reach 99 MPH on the radar gun, but he is likely years away from reaching the major league level. Pomeranz was not a huge part of the Padres future plans, so getting rid of him in order to get a long-term starter like Espinoza was certainly a great trade.

Grade: A

drew pomeranz


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