David Hernandez signs with Philadelphia

As Philadelphia continues its rebuild process, they made a move to try and improve their bullpen by signing David Hernandez to a 1-year deal on Wednesday. Hernandez is recently coming off of Tommy John surgery, so he didn’t have a very good year for the Diamondbacks in 2015 as he had a 4.28 ERA. Overall, he has a 4.15 career ERA so this signing doesn’t look very good for the Phillies especially if he is going to be the 8th inning guy or even the closer for Philadelphia next season. Philadelphia doesn’t appear like they are even willing to compete for the playoffs in 2016, so this is a cheap signing that just is a bridge until they can completely rebuild their bullpen in a few years with some young talent. I’m not quite sure what the Phillies are expecting out of Hernandez in 2016 because he has proven to be consistently bad throughout his career so far. Either way, I’m not a fan of this signing for the Phillies.

Grade: D – I realize that the Phillies are in a complete rebuild mode, but having Hernandez possibly as their closer in 2016 is just insane. This guy has a career 4.15 ERA and I have no reason to believe that he’ll suddenly make a major improvement next season with the Phillies.

david hernandez.jpg


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