Mariners acquire Lind

The Seattle Mariners filled their void at 1st base by acquiring Adam Lind from the Brewers for right-handed pitchers Carlos Herrera, Freddy Peralta, and Daniel Missaki. It was obvious that the Mariners needed a 1st basemen after trading both Mark Trumbo and Logan Morrison earlier this offseason. Lind is 32-years old, but he is a middle-of-the-order bat that the Mariners desperately wanted. Lind had a .277 average with 20 home runs for the Brewers last season. Seattle might need a right-handed 1st basemen to face left-handed pitching because that is what Lind really struggles with. Milwaukee is rebuilding and they had no use for an older player like Lind since he clearly wasn’t a part of their future. Meanwhile, the Brewers acquire three really young pitchers. Herrera is only 18 years old, but he had a 3.26 ERA and a remarkable 73 strikeouts in 14 starts at rookie level last season. He isn’t a very highly rated prospect, but he clearly has an outstanding potential just because of his amazing strikeout rate. Also, Freddy Peralta is similar to Herrera because Peralta is only 19 years old and he has been at the rookie level for the past 3 seasons. Peralta had a marvelous 1st season with a 1.86 ERA, but since then he has really struggled. I know Peralta is still young, but it will probably take him a long time before he reaches the MLB level if he does at all. Missaki is 19 years old as well and he is coming off of Tommy John surgery. It will be interesting to see how well he recovers from that, but he proved in single-A last season that he can be consistent. None of these prospects will be in the MLB soon, but I guess there is some potential for these players.

Mariners Grade: A- – Adam Lind will bring tremendous power to the Mariners at 1st base. Also, they are giving up low-ranking prospects for him which is good. The only problem for Seattle is that Lind doesn’t hit left-handed pitching well, so they will have to find a right-handed bat to play at 1st base as well.

Brewers Grade: C – I agree that the Brewers needed to get rid of Lind since he wasn’t part of their future plans. However, the prospects they got back are young with some potential, but they won’t be up at the MLB level anytime soon.

adam lind


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