Yankees acquire Castro from Chicago

One of the most mentioned rumors of this MLB offseason so far was that the Yankees would acquire shortstop Starlin Castro from the Cubs and it finally happened on Tuesday. The Cubs acquired right-handed pitcher Adam Warren and infielder Brendan Ryan from the Cubs in the trade. The Yankees have had a big void at 2nd base for several years and now it appears that they have some stability at the position with Castro. He is a natural shortstop, but since Didi Gregorious is the starter at shortstop for New York then that position wasn’t available for Castro to play at. Castro is only 25 years old and he is under team control for awhile, but his offense is still very productive. His numbers fell in 2015, but he still hit .265 with 11 home runs and 69 RBI’s. He is a much more productive and consistent offensive player than the Yankees have had at 2nd base in a long time. Meanwhile, the Cubs are getting a pretty good young pitcher with Adam Warren. Warren has been a starting pitcher at times for the Yankees, but they obviously didn’t trust his consistency in the rotation. Warren fits in more as a middle relief pitcher and he has proven to be very reliable in that role. The Cubs have been looking to upgrade their bullpen and Warren makes their bullpen much better. Also, Chicago added to their middle infield depth by acquiring Brendan Ryan from the Yankees. Ryan has been given plenty of opportunities to win the starting 2nd base job. However, he has had terrible offensive production and that is the main reason why New York was hesitant to give him the starting job. Ryan will provide the Cubs with a capable defender, but don’t expect much offense last season as he only had a .229 average with 8 RBI’s last season.

Yankees Grade: A – The Yankees are getting a really young all-star caliber 2nd basemen and they aren’t giving much to get him. Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan didn’t have a role on the Yankees roster anymore, so this trade makes perfect sense for New York.

Cubs Grade: B – It was definitely a hard to decision to give up Castro, but they didn’t have a role for him now that the team signed Ben Zobrist to a 4-year deal. Adam Warren is a pretty good middle relief pitcher and Brendan Ryan provides some infield depth especially defensively. However, the Cubs should have gotten more for a proven player like Starlin Castro.

starlin castro


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